How it works?

TouristNavi essence is its simplicity. Just one click and earphone inserted into the ear to begin the journey. TouristNavi automatically track down your location and find the best route trips near you. Choose one of the routes, and the application will guide you after her voice talking about the most interesting attractions.

Do I have an impact on the route, which I go? You can choose the path that you will follow. However, a better solution would be, when you do it for your application. An intuitive way to include the information even easier for you to spend your free time.
Unique design allows you to set your preference for sightseeing. Included are the types of potential objects that you can see the distance right for you, the way of movement, or what time you have. How the application will know what I like to explore?
Does it work anywhere in the world? Mobile TouristNavi was created so that it can lead you every time, even the farthest corner of the world. You just need a smartphone, so you can hear interesting facts about the places you are currently viewing.